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Implementing self care during exam season

Exam season is ebbing closer once again, and another semester in college or University is nearing to the end. The later into the semester it gets, the tougher life gets, with exams and deadlines looming, as well as trying to meet all your friends one last time before Christmas break. It can get overwhelming, and self care can often be of no priority.

Self care is so important, and it's equally important not to completely forget about it whilst exam season is in full swing. Sure, Christmas is only around the corner, we just need to push ourselves one last time before the Christmas break is in full swing.

Self care can be carried out in so many different ways, and could take as little as five minutes out of your day, but mean the world to you when you need it the most.

Drinking water, and keeping yourself hydrated is so important during exam season. Hydration is definitely a big factor that can help when studying and trying to retain information, so why not try have a bottle of water on you always.

Exercise is another simple way to enforce self care, maybe you could walk to the library instead of studying in the confinement of your room? A change of space could help with study, and you're also getting your steps in as well as getting out into the fresh air, which is known to help when going through stressful times.

Maintaining a somewhat decent diet during exam season is another basic form of caring for yourself, and will also help make you feel a little bit more together. Cooking can often be seen as a chore, but properly feeding yourself is certain to have a knock on effect of how you feel in yourself, and how you feel throughout exam season.

Keep organised. Set deadlines before deadlines, so you know for a fact you have everything in order. This will also help you if you wanted to keep some exercise or extra curricular activity on the go during exams and studying.

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