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  • Lily Newman

Illustrative Art by Jessie Cohen

Jessie Cohen also known as Chromakane is a BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate from Norwich University of the Arts. You can find more of Jessie's work and support her on her website and Instagram.

About Jessie:

"I'm an independent artist based in London who launched my art business last year. I create illustrative art on canvas, prints, apparel and bespoke tattoo art drawn in the blackwork style, using solid planes of black ink. My work combines stories and emotions, bridging aesthetics from Eastern and Western cultures, to create a new visual identity."

Below is some of the amazing work that Jessie has created. Each piece is individually named.

Flash Red Giclee Print

Solitude Gold on Canvas

Ojas Tattoo Concept

Studio Gold Leafing

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