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  • Lily Newman

Illustrations by Preksha Sipani

Preksha Sipani is a Graphic Design & Communication student at the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi

PS: "Ever since I can remember, I have been in to art; what started as a distraction or an escape from life, is now, my tomorrow. I have been involved in traditional medium of art from the start & I love the beauty of it. There’s a lot happening in overlapping lines and uneven strokes, and just layers of paints creating new textures. My illustration style has been evolving ever since the time I started. It has been a journey. I won’t say I have a particular style yet, because I am still exploring and learning, I like to keep my process very organic and see what comes out of it. I look for inspiration in films, literature, day-to-day human interactions, and my surroundings thus recreating it in my own way. I like to reflect a certain sense of calmness through my illustrations. I treat my artworks as pieces of poetry and the interpretation of them is quite subjective."


'Day Dreaming'

how often do you do things that you love?

the time you capped the tip of your pen and let your mind wonder the limits past the sky, the time your eyes studied torn walls as you voyaged the little world of your dreams, the time you rested your chin and likened the sun to the glow of snow atop a mountain, when you brushed the dust off the covers and sat yourself down to be lost in a foreign world, when you dreamt in colour and found repose in smudged red tips trailing on a canvas, when you felt happiness swiping your brow, beaming at the letter you drafted at last, do you remember when you revelled in reverie, and let yourself breathe in and gently let go?

'Just Being'

'A Beautiful Mind'


when the sun shines, we'll shine together

'Headspace in Landscape'

'Love Thy Curves'

own your exuberance in edgy curves and crooked gaps steal gazes and make strides,

this body is your own sweet paradise

'Imperfectly Perfect'

'New Normal'

it’s growing on me, this new normal.

i’ve taken a liking, to the early filtered sunlight, on mushy mornings, to the cacophony of birds, sweeping the sapphire sky.

feels like i’m syncopating, to nature’s rhythm. i’m smiling, as i spy, the newfound bliss,

i’m spending each day, i think i'm okay

'Stay in Bed'

on some days,

you will feel more fragile than you do on others allow yourself to break

allow yourself to sink

allow yourself to retreat

you are allowed days like these;

days to feel

days to recluse

days to process

tomorrow will taste much sweeter

By Billy Chapata

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