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  • Alycia McNamara

How To Take Control Of Your Life

We’re likely all familiar with the feeling of being stuck in a rut - feeling like you don’t really have control of your life, as if you are kind of stuck, unsure of where to go next. This feeling can leave you bored and desperate for change, but the thought of battling with these emotions and getting it together can be overwhelming. No fear - for those feeling this way, we have 10 ways that you can change your life and gain back that feeling of control over your future!

1. Make a vision board

Making a vision board is a great way to manifest the life you want to have. By visualising the future you want, it can feel so much more attainable and give you a clear picture of what you’re striving towards. We recommend getting stuck in on Pinterest and saving images that look like how you want your life to be. This may include travelling, partying, studying or interior design … the options are endless, it is totally up to you. Get in touch with your inner child by printing these off, cutting them out and arranging them into a frame which you can then hang up in a place where you can see it every day, to remind you of where you’re heading!

2. Clean your room

You’ve heard your Mum say it and rolled your eyes but it might be time to give it a go: tidy space, tidy mind. Start with a big declutter - throwing out all those old things you don’t need anymore to make space for positive change! Make sure to reorganise, hoover, dust, and even move your furniture around for that fresh feeling. Then sit back, light a candle, and put on those fairy lights and I guarantee you’ll already be feeling much better.

3. Join the gym

Although it can be daunting, joining the gym is always a good idea for feeling as though you are gaining back control of your life. If you’ve never been before and are a bit nervous, then don’t be too hard on yourself! It’s worth just giving it a go, and there are so many options, at least one of which you are bound to love. You can participate in classes, make your way over to the weights section, or even just spend half an hour on the treadmill if you want to take it easy. Whatever you do, the feeling of satisfaction that comes from a bit of self-discipline is great for feeling like you are in charge of your life.

4. Designate more of your time to reading

Are you the type of person who always wants to read more but never actually picks up a book? Now is your time! A great start would be to treat yourself to some self-help books which will help to grow your positive mindset. Recommendation?

5. Say yes!

You know what they say, nothing changes if nothing changes! Make the most of every opportunity you can by saying yes more. If you're the type of person who tends to shy away from saying yes, these can start as little positive changes in your life that get you out of the rut. Get out of your own way and just say yes, whether it’s spending more time with friends, or organising regular date nights with your other half. You don’t know what fun awaits until you try!

6. Learn an instrument

Learning an instrument is a great new hobby to take up, and music has undeniable healing properties. Whether this is piano, guitar or any other instrument, you’ll get to experience new forms of relaxation, productivity and accomplishments through challenging yourself to learn this new skill.

7. Get yourself out and about

The key to rejecting the rut is to get out of your comfort zone. You could start small: we recommend going out for morning walks to get some of that tranquil early-morning fresh air and to start off the day with a positive mindset. If you really want change, you could sign up to extra-curricular activities and societies. Just moving more and stimulating your brain could be vital for feeling like you are back on track.

8. Spice up your surroundings by moving away

Moving house, city or even country may seem like a big change, and it is, but change can be good if you are stuck in a rut. Changing your environment can be extremely beneficial as it provides an immediate sense of change that you are in control of. Moving can open up opportunities for new places, people and experiences to enter your life. And don’t worry about regretting the decision, because I have some great news for you … you can always move back! But the odds are, you’ll love your new home, city or country and you’ll certainly get yourself out of that ‘stuck’ feeling.

9. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to gain inner peace and relaxation which can provide that vital sense of calmness in your journey towards your breakthrough. There are countless meditation podcasts, YouTube channels and apps to help you get started. We recommend starting with a 20-minute morning beginner session so you can start your day with a peaceful frame of mind.

10. Therapy or counselling

If you find that you are regularly confronted by negative emotions which impact your everyday mood and mindset, it might be a good idea to see a therapist or a counsellor. Don’t be fearful or embarrassed: everyone will experience a time where they would benefit from this sort of treatment and it is a great investment to make which can help you to kick start your new life. Good luck!

Feature image courtesy of Kinga Cichewicz via Unsplash.

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