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  • Ella Gilbert

How to Romanticise The Great British Winter

Let's face it, winter can be a pretty bleak time in the UK. There’s nothing quite like the casual magic of being confined to indoors in (the very minimal) daylight hours, or fighting to feel your toes on your walk to work. After years of practice, I have learnt that sometimes, you just have to appreciate the little things about winter that make it special. So, here are some ways to romanticise the Great British wintertime and make the very best of it.

Get Outdoors

As much as it can feel like a major chore this time of year, going outside is so beneficial for you, even in the depths of British winter. Take enjoyment in wrapping up warm and preparing for the blustering breeze. Find new places, places that are fun in winter too. Explore frosty forests and try not to slip over on walks through muddy fields. Buy that overpriced hot chocolate and use it to warm your chattering fingers whilst you walk around the park. Romantic, right?

It's raining, it’s pouring…

Snow is a rare occurrence in British winters, but there’s one thing we have a lot of: rain. Sit by

a window, in your car, maybe even a conservatory if you have one, and listen to

the rain. There’s something incredibly therapeutic about watching the rain hit the glass and allowing time to pass as you listen to the sound it makes. If you’re brave enough, go out for an adventure in the rain. Have that main-character, coming-of-age movie

moment whilst you play in the rain, and maybe even a Taylor Swift “Drop everything now, kiss me in the pouring rain” kind of kiss.

Winter Fashion

Something high on my list of winter frustrations is winter fashion. I spend most of the winter shivering because I’m lacking about 3 layers less than recommended. This year I’m trying to embrace winter fashion. I am becoming one with the layers: turtlenecks, beanies, scarves and boots are my new friends. It’s time to embrace the long coats, tartan scarves, and puffer jackets, because before you know if you will be sweating in a T-Shirt. Look cute, stay warm.

Cosy Nights In

The perilous chill is the perfect excuse to swap cold wintery nights for cosy

nights in. It could be a movie night with friends, an indoor date, or a self-care night. Bake cookies, wrap up in blankets and stick on a film. Perhaps you want to rewatch an old favourite, like Little Women, or try something new, such as Netflix’s new release, Tick, Tick… BOOM! Cosy nights are something we often sideline for more exciting plans, but winter is the perfect excuse to put them a little higher on the priority list. They’re trustworthy and

enjoyable, and while cosy nights in seem simple, they often create some of the best memories.

Natural Beauty

Without the blooming flowers or crunchy leaves, nature in winter can feel somewhat dismal. It’s time we start romanticising the season and appreciating all the natural beauty winter has to offer. Daylight saving time might mean that it gets dark earlier, but it does make it a little easier to catch some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Seek out the less obvious beauty when you're out and about this winter; admire the frosty morning grass and the sparkling pavements. Have a 'see the beauty in the little things' moment.

The beginning of each year is often dark, dreary and depressing. Take time to try and combat those winter blues and really romanticise your life. Winter has so much to offer, all it takes is a willingness to explore.

Feature image courtesy of Jessamie Rattray.

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