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  • Lexie Boardman

How To Make Your 2022 Vision Board Now!

By Lexie Boardman

Yearly vision boards are the perfect tool to envision your wishes for the year. As 2022 kicks off, it is the ideal time to clearly imagine where you want to be, by manifesting your goals with a vision board. When scrolling through TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest, it’s not hard to come across reams of content creators sharing their own vision boards for the year. It can appear to be quite daunting, but it is the perfect way to visualise the best version of yourself – and it might be a lot easier than you think!

What is a vision board?

A vision board is essentially just a visually engaging representation of your dreams and ambitions. A rule-less phenomenon, some may find it easy to compare to a mood board or collage. Your vision board can look at the big picture of absolutely everything you want to accomplish this year, or it can hone in on the more minute details of your life (such as work, education, health or any other aspect of life you might wish to focus on).

How will it help me achieve my goals?

A trick used by many to practice mindfulness and bring focus into their lives, vision boards are an artsy manifestation technique endorsed by the likes of Oprah and Beyoncé. Psychology Today said that mental practices (such as producing a vision board) can help you to become closer to where you wish to be in life, prepare you to be successful, and has the ability to increase your confidence and motivation. It enables you to take a pause from the pressures of life and sit down to think about what it is you really want to achieve.

How can I get started?

It may appear to be a bit challenging, but the concept is pretty straight forward. Gather some ideas as to what your goals really are, and what this might look like. Then, head to Pinterest, Google, Instagram etc and find the images that best suit this. For example, if your vision board’s final goal is self-love, get some inspirational imagery that revolves around that: such as images of bodies that don’t fit the ‘ideal’ beauty standard and inspirational quotes that channel self-positivity.

Some may choose to produce a physical vision board, printing pictures to stick in a book or spread across their walls to constantly surround themselves with their manifestations – others may prefer a digital one to reflect on, set as their lock screen or print out to find their way to focus. Pinterest is potentially the easiest way to produce your digital vision boards that are suitable for every goal you wish to reach. Create a new, private board for each aspect of your life that you want to improve on, and search for suitable content within Pinterest. This can then be pinned to each relevant board on Pinterest, and it makes it even easier to regularly visit and amend as you make progress towards your goals.

The best thing about the vision board is that it is completely without rules, meaning the opportunities for how you produce it are truly endless. There is no pressure or expectation to produce the perfect vision board, as it does not exist: it is your own future which you are carving out.

How to make use of your vision board

Every day, give yourself some time to revisit your vision board. Use your senses to embed yourself into the heart of your vision board – consider the sounds, smells, sights and what the environment around you feels like. This could be the feeling of the hair of someone you love, the sound of a buzzing city revolving around you, the smell of the seaside: you have the power to travel to any moment in time through your own vision board.

The world is your oyster with your vision boards: get visualising and make 2022 the year for the all-new best version of you.

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