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How to make the most of the ‘last’ lockdown

Written by Millie Braund

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on the easing of Lockdown 3.0, it’s no surprise that most of the nation is buzzing to get out of what is supposedly our last lockdown. 

Whilst the COVID pandemic has been an upsetting period, it has also offered many the time to personally grow, learn new things and become closer to loved ones, whether virtually or in-person. 

We have all evolved massively over the last year, and it is something we should be proud of; whether it’s patience, work-ethic, adaptability or emotional intelligence, we have been put through it all this year. 

Hopefully, this will be the last time we will ever be ‘locked down’, so take the extra little bit of time to focus on yourself. Whether it’s picking up a new hobby, getting fit or finally mastering your baking skills, these next few months will be a type of conclusion to our whole COVID lockdown experience – finish it with a bang!

Here are some suggestions of things you could do over the next few months, as the UK slowly returns to a new kind of normal:

Master that new skill you’ve been learning

Whether it’s playing an instrument, baking or cooking some banging new recipes, or learning a new language – now is the perfect time to master it!

In our ‘normal’ lives, we probably would never have the amount of time to ourselves that we’ve been gifted by the lockdowns. If you haven’t even started yet, that’s perfectly okay – you still have a few weeks/months to learn a new party trick!

Choose a new skill you’d like to learn, and just google tips and tricks – you’re sure to pick it up in no time. 

Set some new positive goals

Lockdown 3.0 has admittedly been a bit doom in gloom, as it was thrown upon us just after the festive season. But, now there is an end in sight, what do you want to achieve before lockdown is over? And what are your goals for the rest of the year? 

It could be as simple as getting outside for a walk every day, or practicing meditation if you’re feeling a bit down and drained (as we all are at the moment)!

Don’t feel as though you have to compare yourself to any one else, rather just set yourself positive goals that are achievable, and those that will make you happy.

Get fit

The gyms will be opening up again soon, but home workouts can be just as effective and even more enjoyable! Many people are claiming this as ‘hot girl summer’, but don’t feel pressured to look a certain way, just because everywhere is (potentially) opening back up again.

Getting fit and working out should be made fun, otherwise you’ll just get sick and tired of doing it. Instead of working out to see the number on the scale go down, do it because of the way it makes you feel, the confidence it gives you and the benefits for both your physical and mental health!

There are lots of great FREE workouts on YouTube, too – don’t feel you have to pay a fortune just to get fit! Even going on walks everyday has great proven benefits for your health.

Have one last virtual get together

If it wasn’t for lockdown, who would have realistically had virtual quiz, murder mystery, cocktail, games (and so on) nights?

Without knowing it, the pandemic may have brought us even closer by allowing us to go through a tough time together, and still find things to do even when were far apart!

So, get the drinks out, get the music on, and have a last good COVID-style catch up with your friends because, before we know it, we’ll all be meeting up at the pub/bars again every week!

Boost your CV

If you’ve not got too much uni work on your hands, now is a great time to educate yourself and add some new skills to your CV. 

The pandemic alone has taught us a lot; patience, resilience and organisation – we’ve been tested through it all! But, there are plenty of resources online that, if you have some time, could be an attractive addition to your CV! 

Whether it’s online courses (LinkedIn has lots of good options), starting a blog, or even just reading into all those topics you’ve been interested in but never had the time for, being proactive with your spare time can really help in the long run!

Spend time with your loved ones

You may be sick and tired of them, but you’ll never have THIS much one-to-one time with your family/friends/housemates again. So, why not all get together and choose some activities each to do one night?

Whether it’s a board game, good old-fashioned hide and seek, or even some boozy games if you’re living at uni – take this time to appreciate the good times you’ve had with them over the past year.

If you’re isolating or living alone, take some time off for self-care ‘me-time’. Run a bath, get in some cosy loungewear, stick on some Netflix, order a takeaway – it doesn’t matter what it is, just do something that makes you feel great!

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