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How to celebrate a COVID Christmas

Writer: Katie Marrin

For the first time in a very long time (for some), we’re facing the prospect of spending and celebrating Christmas without many of our loved ones. With limits placed on family bubbles, and little room for social meetings, we’re all having to find new ways to enjoy the festive period together. 

We may not be able to visit Christmas markets, or have that Christmas night out, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the Christmas spirit when we all need it most – so here are our top suggestions to enjoy a cosy, celebratory COVID Christmas: 

  1. Christmas Baking

It’s done on every Christmas Rom-Com, but baking is one of those activities that provides real quality time. Recipes usually take several hours, and there’s lots of teamwork and communication involved with every different step. 

As a result, you have the chance to bond and chat with family or friends in a way that can be quite rare amongst the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It’s also a great activity to get everyone involved – from adults to teenagers and toddlers, anyone can get involved with baking, making it the perfect Christmas activity for the whole household! 

If you live alone, why not do a video call bake session? You and a friend (or a group of friends) can follow the same recipe from your own kitchens, creating a social event without breaking any COVID rules.

  1. Christmas Films

This is a classic Christmas activity that never gets old – you can have Christmas films on in the background of present wrapping or festive decorating, or you can gather the house onto the couch and choose a film together. 

This is also a great one to do on your own – create your own Christmas countdown with a selection of films to make the days leading to Christmas as festive as possible!

Plus, with so many viewing party options available now, you can enjoy your favourite Christmas movies with friends and family regardless of distance thanks to Netflix Party and Disney+ Watch Groups.

  1. Decoration Making

If you’re looking for a crafty activity, why not try your hand at creating your own Christmas decorations! 

This is great if you’re looking to be more sustainable, as you can create decorations from newspapers, old Christmas cards, magazines and cardboard boxes. Plus, it’s a really cheap festive activity!

If you’ve got young children, this is a fantastic way to keep them entertained during the Christmas hype – alternatively, if you’re a university student this is a great way to decorate the student flat on a budget!

  1. Christmas Pictionary

This is another one to connect you with friends and family that can’t join you in person this year, and is a great way to jazz up the weekly video call.

Using the free online platform,, you can play hilarious online pictionary that’s sure to create the same levels of laughter you have in person! You can select the general settings, or insert your own prompts, so why not add your own festive drawing ideas into the platform and create a Christmas drawing event for all ages to enjoy.

  1. A Classic Christmas Quiz!

Yes, I know – it’s been quizzes left, right and centre since March, but they’re still a fantastic way to connect friends and family despite any distance.

To make it even more interesting, and inclusive for all, assign each family member a round each so that everyone gets the chance to play. You can take the plunge and create a fully-themed Christmas quiz, a year in review, or just some classic quiz rounds! This is the perfect solution to avoiding any awkward virtual pauses, and to battle any family tensions that may arise during the festive season. 

  1. Virtual Present Reveals!

Myself and some of my best friends are definitely the victims of a COVID Christmas – we’re having to post our presents to each other for the first time ever!

Initially, we were incredibly disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to see each other open our presents. However, we’ve allocated a specific day when we will call each other and open our Christmas presents together so we don’t miss out on the magical memories that present giving creates at Christmas.

Whilst this Christmas will be different, and things won’t be exactly the same, with a little bit of creativity, effort and positivity, we can still make this the most wonderful time of a pretty challenging year.

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