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  • Anna Dugdale

How Do We Keep Our FOMO At Bay?!

We’ve all experienced the ultimate feeling of missing out, most commonly referred to as 'FOMO'. It can stem from low self-esteem and creates a fear that others are living better lives, having more fun, the general feeling of missing out on things that come easily to other people. It can apply to any situation, be it a plan with your friends, a promotion at work or holidays as the most relatable FOMO for 2021.

This feeling of FOMO is not helped by social media. You see highlights of other people’s lives and you compare the full, unedited version of your life to those highlights. This can skew your sense of normality and make you feel inferior to others. Whilst FOMO is not a new thing, social media has arguably made it worse. You can see people’s lives in real-time and in detail which wouldn't have been accessed if we were born in a previous generation.

So, how can we keep the awful feeling that is FOMO at bay?

The easiest thing you can do is lessen your social media usage. This would mainly be beneficial if you know there is a specific event or thing that you’re missing out on, like something that your friends are doing that you were not able to attend. The main thing is to understand what you struggle to see and when to address it. For example, if you see someone on holiday and that gives you FOMO, make a conscious effort not to view their stories if you think that is something you struggle with.

Another thing is changing your mindset. This is not an overnight decision; it is a process. You need to shift your focus to what you have, rather than what you don’t. Whether you’re practising mindfulness, journaling or simply making a conscious effort to alter your thought process, there are ways to keep FOMO at bay. You can even alter your social media feed to help. You can follow more positive people on Instagram and definitely make use of the mute button, so you can still follow people you care about but without the stress and anxiety that comes from FOMO.

Keeping yourself centred is so important to combat FOMO. At some point, you need to get real with yourself and realise you cannot do everything people on social media do because you cannot be everywhere all the time doing the coolest things. Real-life gets in the way, there are obstacles such as money, working, prior arrangements. Giving yourself a much-needed reality check can do the world of good to your mental health. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in socials so making an effort to keep yourself centred and mindful is important.

So, the next time you feel the wave of FOMO come over you, remember these top tips!

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