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  • Natalya Sharp

How damaging is your addiction to technology and screens?

The pandemic traps us indoors and prevents us from enjoying the social lives many of us used to lead, therefore, it is vital we take advantage of those seemingly-glorious walk provisions the government has always allowed us! Now, while a millennial being told their phone and screen time is damaging their health and general life is no new prospect, I aim to show you the health, social, and mental benefits of simply turning off your screens for even an hour and immersing yourself in the physical world, as opposed to the virtual.

Focus on your life, your goals and your happiness!

The typical argument for turning off your screens is it reduces insomnia and aids a better night sleep, which many of us could all benefit from. To counteract this very typical issue many of us face, I suggest picking up a book and relaxing yourself and your brain, which will dramatically aid your ability to fall asleep quicker and give you a much better rest! However, how about the idea that increased dependency and focus on screens leads to general dissatisfaction with life and a drop in productivity. Instead, you begin to procrastinate your work (something we are all victim to) and fall behind on essential work, which can increase stress and low moods and again, you become dissatisfied with life. Perhaps even worse your life becomes dependent on the virtual world- checking your notifications; checking on other people. Are they living a more exciting life? Is my life as aesthetically pleasing on social media? Should I be doing what they are? You end up living your life through the experiences of others, or worse through the perception of others, which is not immersing yourself in real culture; in real life, or in the physical.

Focus on your mental health, focus on you!

By going through this short technology detox and focusing on the real and the physical you are focusing on yourself, your body, your needs, you. This is vital for a stable mental health and your life. For many millennials social media and screens have become their typical form of communication and contact with other people, but is this damaging to our social and people skills? Are we able to communicate as confidently in person, or are we vulnerable without our screens? To avoid this I advise you to put down your phone and make real connections with people through experiencing physical events and making memorable memories, instead of simply looking at what you could be doing. This is all the more important when students are going through online learning and are likely more disconnected from the physical world than before. So turn off your laptop and phone and go outside for a walk and absorb your daily dose of Vitamin D!

Taking a technology detox or simply turning off your screens for a short while can improve your life in so many aspects. So why not give it a try and see what happens?

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