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  • Natasha Downing

Has TikTok Taken Over?

By Natasha Downing

“Have you seen this TikTok?” This is a sentence that many of us have heard since the app blew up in 2020. The app mainly started with dancing but has quickly grown into a platform for anyone to share different parts of their lives. TikTok which was first created by Zhang Yiming is a video platform were people can upload 60 second videos of whatever they like.

Tiktok seemed to take off in the first lockdown with it being an essential on everyone’s phone. Going through the ‘for you’ page was a way of making time going quicker and the dances were something fun to do instead of sitting around. Now people of all ages are doing the dances and fun trends and uploading it to their own page for their audience to see. Some people have been able to build a fan base and make it their full-time job. Forming a new kind of social media influencer!

There are millions of people are creating and posting on this app every day, but some people have risen to the top. Addison Rae who has 82 million followers has been named the highest earner, she is estimated to be worth 2 million dollars. Charlie D ’Amelio is the next and has the most followed TikTok account at 121 million followers.

There is more to TikTok than just dances with there being different “sides” to the app. One what everyone loves is “foodietok” were people show off their delicious and sometimes a little odd food recipes for people to try. Personally, I have had to try some of these myself for example the feta pasta and wiped coffee (which were both great). Another one is “medical” were people come on and tell their story of their medical needs and experiences. Doctors and nurses have also taken to the app on this side to share their knowledge and their different experiences they have faced within their job. This side makes us feel smarter every time it comes up, we can all admit that one. We all relive our childhoods on “DisneyTok”. There is also “Homestead” and “renovation & clean-up” these are definitely a guilty pleasure being nosey and looking at the way people decorate their homes. Some others are queer, paranormal, conspiracy, mom, art and mental health.

Companies and small business have also flooded our “for you” pages with a behind the scenes look at how they create their products. With it helping them reach an audience they might not otherwise be able to and allowing them to be a little more creative than they may have been able to be on something like Instagram or Facebook.

Tiktok is a fun way to pass the time, but it does have it bad effect. I know my attention span has got a lot worse since I craved and downloaded the app. With Statista showing 315 million first time downloads worldwide, many people are using this app and could be feeling the same effects. Like finding it hard to watch a long YouTube video without getting bored and even doing work without picking up your phone has become a lot harder.

It really is true that TikTok has taken over our lives in some way or another, with it arguably being one of the biggest social media platforms out there at the moment and we have all been enjoying what the app has to offer.

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