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‘Good Souls Never Perish’: A Poem by Aishwarya N. Murali

Aishwarya N.Murali is a 17-year-old poet based in Kerala State, India. Her piece ‘Good Souls Never Perish’ is inspired by “the need for humanism in our society, so many people are suffering in our world, they need our attention towards them”. Aishwarya’s poem is a stunning reflection on the current state of the world and a sense of hope for a better future. You can find more of Aishwary’s work on her Instagram.

Good Souls Never Perish

There was a time, when I was in dark. There was a time, when I was abased. There was a time, when I had no power in my words. At all these times there did live Good souls; To wipe my tears, and abscond my fears, To smile which joyed me for a mile. They do live, the good soul who will never perish.

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