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Fresher Tips

The start of September is always linked to the end of Summer, and the recommencement of the academic year, as we know it. From returning to school, to returning to University, even starting University. Whatever your situation is this academic year, one thing that's for sure is you are an academic year wiser.

Freshers Week is the opening week in the University academic year, and is a time to celebrate the return of college/ University. Though, a fresher is typically a first year University student, students from older years don't tend to hesitate in joining in on the fun and antics of the first week back to college. It can be a tough week, and a real shock to the system in comparison to the calm of the Summer we're saying goodbye to. Below are a list of tips and tricks compiled by us here at the Graduate Corner to ensure a blissful start to the academic year.

It's okay to say 'no'

Whilst Freshers Week is known as a week full of partying and going crazy, it's really important to realize that it is not a competition about who has the best week, or who went out the most. You do not need to be out every night of the week- it is okay to say no! No one is going to think differently of you if you miss a night out during Freshers- or if you don't go out at all!

Freshers isn't just a week solely for the consumption of alcohol - be careful

Similarly, do not feel obliged to go out and consume your body weight in alcohol. You aren't going to get brownie pints for downing the most shots in one sitting. The amount of alcohol consumed does not equate to the best night out.

Many students consider themselves pioneers, and that does not mean they can't enjoy their freshers week along with everyone else. If someone is not drinking, don't question or judge them, okay?

Alternatively, most colleges and college Student Unions organize no- alcohol events, such games nights and movie nights. Contact your Uni's SU for more information here.

Invest in a diary or planner of some sort

I am a huge advocate for a planner, and I always will be. A big tip of mine is to invest in one for the start of the year. The first lectures of the academic year will typically outline the course plan for the year, detail any assessments, and likely share dates for these assessments. Write these in your planner immediately. Planners aren't just for the academic side of college either, there is much to be said about having a bustling social life with thanks to proper organisation using a planner.

Sit next to a person you don't know for the first couple of lectures

Number one tip for meeting new people, and making new friends, and doesn't require too much extra effort. You have to sit somewhere in the lecture, so why not next to a person you haven't met yet?

Join a club or society

Number two tip for making new friends, requires a little bit more effort, but will result in tonnes of future enjoyment. Joining a club or soc for your favourite hobby, or even one that you'd simply like to try will broaden your social circle, and ensure you cross paths with people you may never see inside the lecture hall. Some of my best friends are through the boxing club at my own University, and people I would never have met otherwise.

Most importantly; ENJOY! College is the best experience ever, and in order to get the most out of it just embrace the change, and enjoy the new experience and the new people!

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