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  • Paige Robson

For some, YouTube is just the beginning

The phenomenon that is YouTube is a media platform which has flourished and thrived since its creation in 2005. Back in its early days, the prospect of earning an income from the forum seemed impossible but as time has gone on for many content creators round the world, YouTube has become their main salary.

From silly skits, huge hauls to genius gaming YouTube has it all and for some, that very first video they upload is lifechanging. When creating content and exchanging yourself to the internet you are exposed. This exposure to the world creates opportunities beyond YouTube, something that has allowed numerous people to go into various sectors of the working world. Thus, defining YouTube as simply a steppingstone of their success, or just the beginning of their journey.

All around the world, people now regarded as influencers rather than celebrities more than not have started out on YouTube. Many YouTubers have gone on to create makeup brands, clothing lines, charities and some have featured in films, radio and even gone into producing their own music. This article will explore those who have diversified their career from YouTube and as some may say transitioned from an influencer to a celebrity. From the states of America to the villages in England YouTube has given ordinary people a public platform to show their talent, personality and most importantly themselves.

The likes of Joe Sugg, a young thatcher who decided to vlog his everyday life, prank his friends, and show his entertaining impressions rose to stardom gaining himself one million subscribers in just two years after the birth of his channel. From here, he has gone on to do so much more than YouTube. Becoming an author, actor, finalist on the competition series ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, this show has also seen Brighton based YouTuber Saffron Barker participate. Sugg has even landed himself a permanent role in the musical ‘Waitress’ on the West End showing he is multi-talented, which has only been thanks to YouTube. Joe isn’t the only member of the Sugg family to use YouTube as a ladder to fame, his older sister Zoe Sugg, most commonly known as Zoella also became a YouTuber and diversified her career going onto create books, recipes, and beauty products.

Many YouTubers whilst online create an image for themselves and use this as inspiration to further their career such as Emma Chamberlain. This teenage phenomenon is obsessed with coffee and carmex, she has used her platform to create her very own coffee brand ‘Chamberlain Coffee’. Chamberlain pursuing this path displays her business minded ways and determined pursuit to do more with her social media pedestal. As mentioned, many YouTubers create an output they would like to be known as and from this their career can accelerate for example English member of the YouTuber group the Sidemen KSI who has steered away from YouTube and is now much more into producing music that he showed the world he loved back in his YouTube days.

Whilst many expose themselves to the world through YouTube, every move they make is judged and either criticised or praised, some crack while others prosper. It has been seen that many contribute to good causes either donating to charities such as Lilsimsie who creates content in order to raise money for American kids hospital St Jude’s or notoriously known YouTuber PewDiePie who in one year alone raised $900,000 for charity and is known as one of the most generous influencers. Some YouTubers have even used their position to create their own charities such as American philanthropist Mr Beast who constructed #teamtrees that has raised enough money to plant 20 million trees.

When people become ‘YouTubers’, they are simply providing themselves a platform to display to the world what they can offer. For some, YouTube is enough for them, and they are satisfied with the benefits of YouTube alone. However, for others, with this publicity comes more opportunities beyond the social media platform and much more into the world of the celebrity. There has always been and still is a debate about the huge difference between influencers and celebrities but these few examples of people who have used YouTube as a start showcase, they have the potential to be a celebrity despite the ambiguity of the term. Perhaps you could say YouTube is a test for those who are destined to be in the limelight. At the beginning of YouTube, the possibility of being a ‘YouTuber’ and the term being a career term was unbelievable but now it is almost normal to be an influencer through social media. And as seen already and most definitely to be seen in the future. For some, YouTube is just the beginning.

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