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‘Fluorescence’ by Olivia Brisset

Olivia Brisset is a Music Business student at the Academy of Contemporary Music. Her project ‘Fluorescence’ is based on the sun beaming through at this time of year giving Brisset hope of a brighter future.

OB: “With the past few months devoid of warmth, it was enlightening for the first time this year to be able to bask in light beaming from the sky. Feeling the sun caress my skin and staring at the trees in fluorescence showed me faith in a brighter future.

In 2018, I began studying photography at college while travelling for over four hours on the weekends to capture the raw emotion of artists at every gig in London I could get into. Starting to explore portrait photography the following year, my lens has ever since had a focal point on underground musicians off stage. Falling deeper in love with the medium everyday, I continue to explore styles of photography in and out of my home studio in Guildford, England. Encapsulating chaos and mystique with an ethereal outlook.”

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