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Filter VS Reality

In 2021, Faye Dickinson launched an instagram filter called 'Filter VS Reality'. If you're a regular instagram user it's likely you've seen the filter in use; the filter highlights the impact filters can have on our mental health as well as the wider impact of social media. Since its launch its had over 212 million impressions and has had a hugely positive impact on the way we view beauty on social media. We talked to Faye Dickinson to find out more!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself prior to the creation of the Filter VS Reality filter?

"I started social media as a hobby, and now I am a content creator/influencer. My social media has always been a positive space for people to encourage self-love and be themselves."

What inspired you to create the filter? What impact were you hoping it would have?

"I wanted to give people a reality check. What you see on Instagram is not real life! You see a side of yourself with dramatic filters that don't exist, which corresponds to an unnatural and inhuman ideal of beauty that you can now achieve with filters. It's so easy to feel insecure like this. I wanted to remind people not to let these filters fool you."

What has your experience on social media been like? Was this a reason for creating the filter?

"It's easy to feel insecure, seeing how so much of the content we consume daily is filtered and photoshopped, and everyone looks picture-perfect; it's hard not to point out your flaws, but REAL is always beautiful. I thought it was time to "break that habit" of overthinking how we look in pictures because nobody is perfect, and everyone has "bad photos" we choose what and what not to share on social media in order to put out a good image of ourselves."

What has the reaction to the filter been like? Is this what you had hoped? How do you feel about the reaction to the filter?

"I am blown away by the positive response I had since launching the filter, and I never knew we all needed this reality check in our lives. It makes me happy that my filter has made the positive change of 'self-acceptance' in people's lives."

Do you have any tips for people struggling with their mental health/wellbeing on social media?

  • "Don't compare yourself to others because social media isn't real life.

  • Unfollow accounts that don't make you feel good (block, delete, bye)

  • Mute keywords that trigger or upset you.

  • Follow inspiring accounts that make you feel good.

  • If you're feeling like social media is taking a toll on your mental health, setting intentions for your social media time may help."

What's next?

"I am launching another filter soon ahead of mental health awareness week, and it will be all about we should move towards the "powerful" place of "self-acceptance". And my first ever book about how social media filters alter our perceptions and rewire our brains, called 'Filter vs Reality', is coming out later this year."

You can find out more about Faye here:



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