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  • Lily Newman

'Dreamin', 'Morning Baby', 'Ugh' and 'Mountains of Love' by Courtney Ellis

Courtney Ellis is an Architectural Technology graduate from the University of Derby. The work that Courtney has submitted are some of her favourite pieces of work.

CE: "I am a self-taught Illustration Artist using the design and graphic skills I gained from my background in Architecture, I made the career change into illustration and presently freelance as an Illustration Artist and Graphic Designer based in London. I've worked on a variety of projects from poetry book illustrations including LGBTQ+ poetry book 'Half a Pack of Cigs and a Lighter that Doesn't Work' written by Dylisium. To branding for small businesses such as a new skincare brand Standard Routine launching later this year, portrait commissions and even cover art. A Present project I am working on is charity Hersana's rebranding strategy and socials to raise awareness in creating safe spaces and support for black female and non-binary people affected by or at risk of gender-based violence across England and Wales.

The pieces I have attached are my favourite so far since launching Courtney L Ellis Illustrations at the start of the year. These pieces explore my sexuality at a time it is still quite new and sometimes raw to me, I have always felt I was better at expressing my feelings through art than I ever was through words. Not only that but my work intends to be soothing, soulful and resonate with audiences. I want people to celebrate love and kindness by being self-aware enough to embrace their emotions, who you love and why you do. I'm asking people to look inwards at themselves, to take risks in life, to be creative and give themselves to things wholesomely. I want to create art that speaks to people on a deeper level.

You can see more of my work on my website or Instagram"


Morning Baby


Mountains of Love

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