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Dr Alex George- Saving people’s lives and minds throughout the pandemic.

Written by Courtney Davis

Alex George, who is known by many as Dr Alex has worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic as an A+E NHS doctor. When appearing on Love Island in 2018, Dr Alex was open about his career and even continued to work as a doctor after the show. After many YouTube videos, TikToks and Instagram posts urging people to look after their mental health and raising money for specific charities he has now been appointed the Ambassador for Mental Health.

Throughout the numerous lockdowns to tackle Covid-19, he has provided advice across social media about how people can take better care of their minds, bodies, and mental health, whether that is going for walks or what moisturiser is best after using an increased amount of hand sanitiser. He provides tips and tricks through online videos which is the most effective way of getting people to engage with and maintain healthy living. This is especially true for the younger generation because they are the ones who spend most of their time on walks in order to pass the time. People who engage with the posts and have followed Dr Alex’s journey this past year not only know he tries to make a difference on people’s lifestyles, but also know he sadly lost his brother to suicide. He openly spoke about this and having been affected by the effects of mental health directly, more people may be willing to listen to his advice and see him as an inspiration or someone who understands.

TikTok video ‘Five Reasons To Walk Everyday’, [@dralexgeorge], 28-12-2020,

For those who don’t know that Dr Alex is a doctor and are unaware of the advice he has been providing people with throughout the pandemic, instead only aware of him because he was on Love Island may have a completely different opinion on this. These people may wonder why a Love Island star has become the Mental Health Ambassador. Although, people who do only know of him from the show could be aware of the suffering the Love Island cast face when they leave the villa and the struggles they go through, particularly because of online trolls and the abuse they receive about their appearance or how they acted on the show. Unfortunately, others may only be aware of the show from those reality TV stars that sadly lost their lives due to their battle with mental health such as Mike Thalassitis and Sophie Gradon and presenter Caroline Flack, enforcing the message of how important mental health is.

Some may consider Dr Alex a heroic influencer, in comparison to his peers who were seen jetting off on holiday to Dubai in recent months. He has faced Covid-19 head-on, helping save people’s lives through the peak of the pandemic.

TikTok video, ‘2 months ago I lost my 19 year old brother to mental health’, [@dralexgeorge], 22/09/2020,

TikTok video, ‘The Truth About Our Mental Health’, [@dralexgeorge], 19/05/2020,

I think that Dr Alex being appointed the ambassador for mental health will be a huge step for people accepting that they might need help, normalising that it is okay if they are not feeling 100% themselves. Because he is young and has experienced reality TV first-hand, people may feel they can connect with him more easily and feel as though he understands the troubles people face every day online. The more you talk about mental health and wellbeing, the less it is stigmatised and pushed aside. Dr Alex plays a crucial role in this process. Personally, I hope that Dr Alex will continue to post tips on his social media. Whether you prefer, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, the messages remain the same and hopefully can help everyone improve their lifestyle in some way.

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