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‘Don’t Worry be Purple’ by Tanaka Chingoka

Tanaka Chingoka also known as Tanaka Travels is a 2019 Accounting and Management graduate from Kent University. You can find her work on her website and her Instagram.

‘Don’t Worry be Purple’

TC: “As an obsessed new experience collector, my passion is to slowly explore North London and beyond. For me, this often means solo. Here I take my audience with me on a journey of style, photography and adventure.  During the course of my solo adventures I developed a skill and love to photograph my surroundings and others.  Summer 2019 I took a leap of faith and ran my first test shoots at Hitchin lavender field, hence why ‘‘ don’t worry be purple”. The nervousness of owning your talents, sometimes manifests into imposter syndrome. Over time I have gained confidence in my art, understanding; if  people love your art, believe them. Give yourself permission to love it too.

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