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‘Do You Remember’: A Poem by Sophie Hunt

This week’s creative writing submission is by Sophie Hunt, a recent graduate from The University of Nottingham. Sophie studied English, including Creative Writing. SH: In this poem I tried to capture the essence of what nostalgia means to me by reflecting upon childhood memories from primary school. I experimented with the line breaks and formatting of this poem so that I could create a visually effective piece. I am inspired by many writers, for instance Matsuo Basho, Elizabeth Bishop, Sylvia Plath and Stevie Smith.

Do You Remember

Do you remember how the sunlight looked

(creeping) through the sombre trees?

Do you remember making


gile daisy chains for days on end with our tiny fingers?

Do you remember sitting in the fairy

circ high

cle in the field, chanting in pitched voices?

Do you remember how time simply slip…

ped us by like it was rushing to be somewhere else?


Do you remember how desperate we were to grow but we didn’t realise that

life was so much e a s i e r when

we spent days

under the buttery sun, distu

rbing the trees and running away from

nothing in particular?

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