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Digital Advent Calendar Day Five: 'Let’s make life bright, colorful and fun!' by Radhika Nathany

Radhika Nathany is a Designer and Creative Director from India. Radhika runs her own business Laughing Popcorn which specialises in quirky, playful and happy designs for packaging, merchandise and digital.

RN: "I am a Color loving Designer based in India and I am also known as Laughing Popcorn! I specialise in quirky, playful and colourful design and absolutely want to have fun doing what I do! I love it all and you will find glimpses of my love for food, travel, cute stuff, bollywood songs, flowers, tea in my work! :) Oh! And of course, lots and lots of COLORS too!"

Her project 'Let's make life bright, colourful and fun!' is all about Radhika's love of colour, nature, food and lots of other things which make her happy, she calls it a celebration of life for her.

RN: "As a designer I love playing with colors and find inspiration in everyday moments of life, nature, food, cute, happy and pretty things! And when I bring it all together it is a celebration of life for me! I want to spread joy and bring a smile to people’s face with what I create. With flowers, colors and little organic elements, this artwork captures these thoughts of mine!"

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