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Daytime TV: Delightful or just Disastrous?

Written by Courtney Davies

Image courtesy of ITV

This year especially everyone has become far too familiar with daytime TV, yet it still doesn’t seem the most popular form of entertainment. Out of 250 people only 44% of them said they watch daytime TV.

But ever since the first lockdown was announced in March, I spent my days lazed on the sofa watching anything and everything that was on TV. This Morning with Holly and Phil became my first priority for the day, their friendship, laughter and wit is enough to make anyone feel better about the world we are living in right now. From them joking around with Alison to them trying to get us involved with Joe Wicks workouts, it is safe to say they are the nations sweethearts.

However, if you don’t find yourself awake in time to start your mornings off with Holly and Phil or Eamonn and Ruth, you will have soon enough found out that you can spend your days watching a light-hearted feud on Judge Rinder. Sometimes, particularly in lockdown and at the moment, you may find that it distracts you from your own troubles and potentially make you feel better about your life, even if it is just two neighbours or friends arguing. Last year I got the opportunity to go and watch Judge Rinder live and be part of the audience, it is definitely a show I recommend.

Although, if you would prefer to watch some friends having a chat or are missing out on a gossip, Loose Women is guaranteed to provide this. Whether the topic is parenting and social media or plastic surgery and weight loss, you’ll sure find it entertaining. They also talk a lot about topics that are trending or circling the press which helps inform you about other things that are going on, especially right now when the only thing people seem to talk about is coronavirus.

But if you find you are more into celebrity gossip and would rather watch how the Americans are coping with the pandemic, The Ellen DeGeneres show is perfect day time television. I found this kept me occupied throughout lockdown and is still sometimes my go to show during the day, even before the pandemic because without a doubt it will make you laugh. The audience’s involvement throughout the show and their enthusiasm alone is enough to lift your mood, never mind the energy that radiates off them when they find out they will be a contestant in one of the shows competitions.

Since daytime television has become popular amongst the nation this year it was only right that the BAFTA’s added this as a new category. This was announced in October 2020, but for people who have dedicated their time to daytime tv over the years this has been a long time coming. Particularly people who work morning and night shifts who don’t get chance to watch the soaps or dramas in the evenings or students who find themselves with some extra time in the day. Or for elderly people who don’t work and find themselves wanting some daytime entertainment, I remember when I was younger and I would go round my Grandmas in the school holidays while my parents were at work and I knew at some point in the day we would watch Doctors. However, if this new BAFTA’s category is anything like the NTA’s, we can be assured that This Morning will most likely be taking the trophy home for Holly and Phil to flaunt the next morning along with many stories and giggles.

Having said that, there are now a lot of streaming apps that people prefer to use instead and get the shows that they want to watch or catch up on, on demand. There are so many streaming apps available now there is something for everyone at any time. Out of 250 people 221 of them said that they watch streaming apps more than television. Although, I do love TV I also love streaming apps as I can watch certain series repeatedly, especially gossip girl, or catch up on reality TV which has always been one of my favourite things to watch. But unfortunately, from next year those of us who are into reality TV won’t be able to keep up with the Kardashians anymore, however, throughout the day you can always guarantee there will be repeats on.

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