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Cristina Oceja’s Intricate Ink Drawings

Cristina Oceja is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Madrid, who obtained a Master’s Degree in Digital Art & 3D at Trazos, Madrid. Cristina creates both traditional and digital artwork and her pieces submitted for this month’s theme of ‘hope’ demonstrate her artistic range. CO: “The most commonplace I find inspiration is in nature; animals, plants and various creatures and the cycle of life itself, other topics that help me to create are fantasy, space and mysticism. I have always enjoyed working with simplicity when it comes to my traditional work, and for that working with inks suits me just fine.

Working with a maximum of three colors, the white paper, black inks and golden details to direct the eye of the viewer. 

My digital work on the other hand is quite the opposite.I love using bright colors and contrasts as much as I can. I do still work with the same topics and try to touch as many styles as I can, from what’s close to realism and studies, to more stylized pieces. Animals and characters are what I usually end up working on, including not only original work but also fan art of various franchises I’m fond of.

Overall my work sometimes seems to bounce between the topics I find interesting at a given time, but I create for myself so that’s completely fine.”

Reflection, Cristina Oceja

Guilt, Cristina Oceja

Crisalyd, Cristina Oceja

Crow, Cristina Oceja

Pierced, Cristina Oceja

Shore, Cristina Oceja

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