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Creative Collections Digital Advent Calendar Day Two: 'Today I am Happy' by Devananda Sudheesh

Devananda is a Humanities student at DPS. Her work 'Today I am Happy' is a short piece about happiness. It's how you can be immensely satisfied with the little things in life. It’s also hope for the future.

'Today I am Happy'

I wake up to the sound of rain, how engulfing it is I think the pitter- patter of the raindrops on the cold bare earth. I open the window and a cold crisp breeze caresses my skin. I’m filled with hope. Today is a wonderful day. I put on my cosy sweater and step out to the little forest with a running stream behind my little cottage. I walk barefoot through the few on the grass as the sun shows up. I have a garden full of fruits vegetables and herbs and I rarely need to leave my sweet abode tucked away in paradise. I gently lay down on the earth bed, cherry blossoms grow from my acne scars, sapphire green moss fills the empty and lonely parts of me, yellow roses grow on my mind where uncertainty, doubt and fear(the holy trinity) once used to live. I play my favourite album and breathe in the beauty of the simple things. I feel at peace for the first time in forever. I unconditionally and recklessly love myself, I feel content with my life

There’s bread baking in the oven, there’s ginger tea brewing and a book in my hand

This is my home.

This is my happy place.

My happy place.

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