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  • Lily Newman

Creative Collections Digital Advent Calendar Day Three: 'Calm Within The Chaos' by Tajinder Kaur

Tajinder Kaur is a Media Studies with Communication student from Nottingham Trent University. She is also a confidence coach, self-love blogger, and founder of Winning and Worthy.

TK: "I help women wake up to their worth through coaching, creativity and cultivating self-awareness."

"I'm known for being a powerhouse of empowerment, storytelling and developing people in their life and work. Using courage and warmth I connect with women regularly to collaborate, coach and build networks. My mission is to create a self-assured community of women who feel encouraged to explore, speak up and grow."

It sounds like we all need a Tajinder in our lives!

Her project 'Calm Within The Chaos' is shot behind the scenes at a London Fashion Week event. TK: "My photography work is heartfelt and captures a mixture of candid moments, personalities and street style shots."

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