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  • Lily Newman

Creative Collections Digital Advent Calendar Day Six: 'Our Earth' by Sam Morgan

Samannas is a Welsh creative, working on Graphic Design and Illustration projects. They sell illustrative prints through the Samannas brand, alongside Graphic Communication work in retail marketing, publishing, and branding.

Samannas illustrative style uses pattern and a digital medium, adding texture and detail to minimalised character designs. They use colour and abstraction to express a femininity and create bolder portrayals of life.

The 'Our Earth' campaign project was inspired by the heightened concerns posed by Global Warming. The aim being to visualise modern ethical topics in global issues like; urbanisation of the natural environment, human material waste, and the endangerment of animal populations across the world.

This project highlights global issues in an illustrated merchandise line, to share information using visual marketing tactics. The aim being to maximise the message’s reach by utilising trend culture and communal ‘word of mouth’ marketing.

The campaign’s visual identity incorporates pattern and bold colours to draw attention to the images, while articulating a narrative visually.

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