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Creative Collections Digital Advent Calendar Day Fourteen: Artist Spotlight, Charlie Pennell

Charlie Pennell is a graduate of Music Production Technology and Sound Engineering from dBs Music in Bristol.

Here's what Charlie has to say about his professional career so far:

CP: "I began my professional creative journey attempting to seek my way into the music industry, as writing/producing & engineering music is a huge passion and creative part of my mind. Once I completed my course, I decided against further education and chose to build experience starting my own freelance business. As I also possess abilities in video production and design, unknowingly to me at the time, these are the parts of my business that took off more than the music.

Now, a few years down the line, I've built an incredibly diverse portfolio across Video, Design & Photography. A portfolio that includes work for notable UK social media personalities, independent US Film directors and production companies, as well as local businesses and clientele across Devon & London."

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