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‘Confusing Landscape’ by Anna Raievska

Anna Raievska’s piece ‘Confusing Landscape’ invites us to see the world from a different perspective, playing with the way we view ‘dusk’ and ‘dawn’.

AR: “The idea behind this illustration is to see how our world would look if the sky was orange like the sun, clouds green as the grass and the sun itself would be sky – coloured like. Three circles shown from left to right are the sun, eclipse and the moon. The main purpose of it is to evoke creative vision in the viewer and invite them to see the world differently. I was inspired by the idea of how we can see something unusual and fascinating in even simple things that we are used to on a daily basis.”

Anna Raievska

#submissions #art #duskanddawn #dusktodawn #CreativeCollections #submission #visualart

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