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Celebrating Valentines at University

Written by Chloe O’Keeffe Design by Monika

Valentines can be seen as quite a fad of a holiday. Many would say it’s purely commercial. We’re just after rounding the corner from Christmas, and now we’ve to venture back into the shops for more gifts?

Whatever your opinion, I think this year more than any year is the perfect time to start celebrating Valentines in some capacity. Honestly, we’ve been through enough, I’ll take a celebratory day, even if I’m single!

With lockdowns imminent, and the virus still doing the rounds, there will be more emphasis on lockdown Valentines. Perhaps lockdown means you cannot be with your significant other for the day that’s in it. Perhaps you don’t have a significant other at the moment, and are enjoying the single life.

As I say, I’m taking every opportunity to celebrate the small things this year, and that includes Valentines.

Being in lockdown at Uni doesn’t need to deter you from celebrating Valentines with your housemates. It’s the perfect opportunity to do some house bonding if you haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Coffee Date

What’s better than a coffee date? It’s such a simple act but one that can really brighten your day. Cafés around the country and closed for seating, but many such as Costa and Starbucks are still open for takeaway. Alternatively, there are many independent café’s that will also be open for takeaway, and though a coffee might only be a couple of pound to you, it will mean a lot to these independent café owners. Go to your local park for a walk about, and this can be seen as getting your exercise for the day in also! Winning.


Loads of shops do Valentine deals for affordable, student friendly prices. Starter/ side, main and desserts for prices that can’t be beaten. Throw in a cheap bottle of wine (or possibly a bottle of prosecco!) and you’re good to go. The cooking will be a fun activity to do with your housemates.

Alternatively, virtual dinner via Zoom or Facetime with your S.O would be the perfect date. Likewise, you could cook “together” whilst on the call.

Netflix Evening

I’m all about the simple things these days, and a movie night with my housemates is one of my favourite things. Pick your favourite rom- coms, grab the popcorn and the perfect chill night is pending. Sweet boxes are becoming increasingly popular, and there are endless choices, including movie night options to get the Cinema feel.

Netflix have introduced ‘Netflix Party’ which allows you to watch movies with someone that’s not in the same room as you. Much easier than trying to watch at the same time and get the movie to start at exactly the same time. You’re nearly always going to be a split second out.

Games Night

Again, one that can be done in the comfort of your home but also can be done virtually via Zoom. This will also make for another great bonding experience with housemates. If you haven’t wholly gotten to know your housemates yet, board games and card games can be the ideal solution.

There are many online games that are great fun, and easy to do virtually via Zoom.

Self Care Evening

Now more than ever we’re realizing that looking after ourselves is really important. Of course, Valentines Day isn’t the only day in the year you should mind yourself but it can be the perfect excuse to go the extra mile and mince it for all it’s worth.

Buy yourself those flowers, put on your favourite music/ or TV show and pamper yourself to your heart’s content. Kick the feet up with a face mask in, and take time to just relax.

Again, these can be turned into house activities- who doesn’t love doing face masks with their pals?

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