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Brighten your hair and skincare this new year!

Written by Aimee Townsend

New year, new me right?

After the shocker that was 2020, I know we could all definitely use a freshen up, especially when it comes to our beauty regimes.

I’ve compiled a list of hair and skincare products to help brighten up your routines this New Year, so go ahead and treat yourself, after all, you deserve it!

Camomile Cleansing Butter – The Body Shop

Embarrassingly, I used to swear by makeup wipes *internal shudder*. 

Since realising how awful wipes are for both my skin and the environment, I’ve tried a number of cleansing options and been impressed with the wide variety available, but this one is definitely my favourite.

The Camomile Cleansing butter from The Body Shop is a balm-to-oil cleanser that’s perfect for your first cleanse and great at removing your makeup and SPF. It has a natural and gentle formula which makes it great for all skin types, particularly for those who suffer with sensitivity.

It leaves my face super soft and hydrated, and is a great sustainable alternative to wipes. This balm also comes highly recommended by skin guru Caroline Hirons, so it must be great right?

Glossier the balm dot com

Anyone else carry around about 5 lip balms at any given time and loose them at a disgustingly rapid pace? Just me?

The cold weather is leaving my lips devastatingly dehydrated and Glossier’s the balm dot com lip balms are the perfect soothing antidote. They come in the cutest tubes with an amazing range of flavours/fragrances: from rose and mango, to cherry and birthday cake!

It’s formulated with heavy duty moisturisers, such as castor-oil and beeswax (so sadly not vegan!) which means its super soothing and leaves your lips in the perfect moisturised condition.

Pixi Glow Tonic

Pixi Glow Tonic has become such a cult favourite. It’s a highly concentrated toner which invigorates and stimulates your skin, giving your pores a thorough deep clean. 

The 5% Glycolic Acid provides a good level of exfoliation and helps to remove excess oils and impurities in just one step.

Glow Tonic is suitable for most skin types (be careful with more sensitive skin) and contains some great ingredients, such as aloe vera to soothe and hydrate and ginseng to energise the skin.

Exfoliating with acids is the perfect way to give you that dreamy glow and leave your skin plump and bright. You can use this toner after you cleanse; just sweep across your face using a cotton pad then follow up with a serum and/or moisturiser to complete your glow!

The Inkey List Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acid might sound a bit scary, but it’s actually naturally present in our skin cells and it’s what helps our skin to maintain its moisture levels. 

Thanks to environmental aggressors, the sun and everything else flung at our skin on a daily basis, our moisture levels tend to suffer. Incorporating a good Hyaluronic Acid into your routine will help keep the skin sufficiently hydrated to give you that super soft, plump and pillowy look.

I swear by this one by the Inkey List; it’s suitable for all skin types and comes packaged with a lot of easy to digest info about its benefits and how it should be used. As the bottle recommends, I use a pea sized squeeze of HA on damp skin before my moisturizer.

Since using this, I’ve noticed a massive difference in the hydration of my skin which is ideal for the winter months, leaving me with a lovely winter glow.


Probably one of the most talked about and highly recommended hair care products this year; OLAPLEX is an innovative hair care treatment which previously was only available in salons.

OLAPLEX have now marketed their products in ‘take home’ bottles so you can get all the magic of the salon right at home.

OLAPLEX works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that have been caused by chemical and heat damage and repair and restore them, leaving your hair stronger, softer and healthier. They have a wide range of treatments, but the No 3 Hair Perfector is the one that gets spoken about most highly.

It’s used as a pre-shampoo treatment; smother onto wet hair, leave as long as possible, then shampoo and condition as normal. It magically transforms your hair and restores it to its former glory before the effects of all that lockdown colouring, heat styling and general wear and tear – amazing!


This year I decided to make some beauty themed New Year’s resolutions and one that was at the top of my list was to use less heat on my hair.

My hair isn’t ‘naturally’ anything – it’s just a frizzy mess. But, after years of relentless curling, styling and straightening it feels so damaged, so I’d love to try and embrace the natural to help breathe some much needed life back into my locks.

Ouai haircare is brought to us by none other than the hair stylist to the stars – Jen Atkin. The range is the secret to effortless tousled texture and all smells absolutely incredible.

The Ouai Wave Spray is perfect for embracing natural beauty waves and formulated with rice protein instead of the traditional salt. So, it doesn’t give the stiffness or crunch these types of products usually provide.

It combines a gorgeous cocktail of keratin, jasmine, amino acids and hibiscus to tame and tousle your hair for a perfect natural look – would definitely recommend!

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