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Bridgerton: The Regency Romance Everyone’s Talking About

Written By Chloe Bayliss

Another lockdown means we’re all in desperate need of another Netflix show to binge. Bridgerton is currently the No.1 show on Netflix, with over 90% of its viewers liking the show.

So what makes Bridgerton so special?

“Such good easy watching over the holidays. Exactly what we needed in lockdown 3.0”, says Freddie Web, a fan of the show.

Having watched Bridgerton myself I can confidently say that I love the show. This regency romance has a variety of unique characters, constant drama and some steamy make out scenes. As a fan of period dramas, this show is now one of my favourites and I am hoping the rumours that it is coming back for another season is true.

The show was released on Netflix on Christmas day and is centered around the aristocratic Bridgerton family and their lives in early 19th century England. The female protagonist, Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor), is entering the marriage market in search of love. Named the diamond of the season by Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel), Daphne initially has many options, before each one is thwarted by her eldest brother Anthony (Jonathan Bailey) and the writings of Lady Whistledown’s social papers (voiced by Julie Andrew).

Bridgerton uses a creative interpretation of history, which means there are historical inaccuracies (overlooked by most viewers). Some of the most notable are the use of cigarettes (they were not commonly used until the late 19th century) and the use of modern music orchestrated for the ballroom. As this show is a fantasy period drama, being historically accurate is not necessary and allows imaginative freedoms for the writers.

Based on the books by Julia Quinn, Bridgerton was filmed in some of England’s best stately homes and parks. These include Hampton Court Palace, Hatfield House in Hertfordshire and the exterior of the Bridgerton house was Ranger’s House in Greenwich.

The content of the show is a mix of lustful romance, feminism, equality and classism. Eloise Bridgerton is the Jo March of the show, searching for the truth, determined to make her own way in the world, a feminist icon to look up to.

Bridgerton and social media

As with any popular show or trend, the world of social media is buzzing with talk of Bridgerton. “I watched the show as I saw a few people discuss it on social media,” says another fan. There are YouTube clips of the cast guessing regency slang, behind the scene photos on Instagram and the return of regency fashion being shared online.

From ruffled shirts to corsets, people young and old are embracing their inner 19th century aristocrat. Instagrammers like Sanktalinn, James.I.richardson are taking some aesthetic shots, whilst Tik Tok users Cafededuy and Olivia_rose221 are further spreading the regency style. One particular corset is blowing up on Amazon – your welcome for linking it! Are you even a Bridgerton fan if you are not even a little tempted….

Bridgerton and ‘those scenes’

When I first started watching the show I was expecting a standard period drama, a typical take on any Jane Austen novel. This show was far from any of these expectations.

If you are thinking of watching this show then be warned, it includes a lot of sexual content. From nudity to heavy make out scenes and the Duke’s pull out method, Bridgerton has been called a good source of sex education, while others say the age rating should be moved from a 15 to an 18. Should Netflix have given a better warning to its viewers about the kind of content in the show?

The future of Bridgerton

There have been no official announcements from the Bridgerton team, but the media is hyped about possibilities of a further 8 seasons.

While we wait for more news, we will refine out high-society manners and style our regency fashion into everyday wear and surround ourselves in 19th literature and movies.

Regency Romance Books

If you cannot get enough of Bridgerton then here is a list of four regency romance books to check out:

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

  2. A London Season by Patricicia Bay

  3. Slightly Married by Mary Balogh

  4. Ten things I hate about the Duke by Loretta Chase

Regency Romance on the little screen

Here is a lot of four similar TV shows:

  1. Bleak House

  2. The Paradise

  3. Anne with an E

  4. Pride and Prejudice

Regency romance on the big screen

If you liked Bridgerton, then these movies are probably for you!

  1. Little Women

  2. Enola Holmes

  3. Emma

  4. Wuthering Heights

  5. Jane Eyre

Image credit: Netflix

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