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'Breaking Point' by Simran Kaur

About Simran:

Simran's main objective is to make the viewer's dreams come true by creating intriguing setups, but she does also creates mental health and environmental awareness with her experimental photography. At the same time, she also creates dreamlike abstract visuals to make the viewer explore another reality.

Simran Kaur gets inspired by people's dreams and visions, but her childhood memories also inspire her to create various projects. To keep her childhood memories alive she started doodling digital and traditional illustrations which helps her to understand how she feels about those foggy memories of her childhood.

'Breaking Point'

SK: "The traditional doodle illustration titled " Breaking Point " showcases Simran's childhood memories.

Simran Kaur did remember how during her childhood she used to throw her food down from the table on purpose, perhaps it used to be fun to watch the cereal roll away everywhere and the milk spill all over her little world. These fogged memories inspired Simran to create this traditional doodle illustration which also talks about how she used to spill the world all over his dad and he would always accept it to then clean it as nothing happened.

As Simran grew up she did stop throwing food from the table but she still spills the world to her dad. Sometimes they were tears other times they were just words and stories.

Simran Kaur in addition started doodling first digitally and then traditionally as she discovered that doodling could help her to remember her childhood memories."

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