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BIRD TALK X EDITORS: What Advice Would I Give To My Younger Self?

Let's be honest, growing up is hard work, and sometimes we just need some words of wisdom and an identity crisis to help guide us through. I asked a few of our Editors here at The Collective Mag what advice they would give to their younger selves and here's what they had to say...

Deputy Editor: Paige Robson

Choice. Everything is a choice. If I had any advice for my younger self it would solely be that everything you come across in life is a choice. When you are younger it is very easy to believe that everything is controlled by everyone else but you. However, truthfully the life you want to lead is a reflection of your choice. From your friends to the colour of your nail varnish we should and can pick and choose what we want. Obviously in consideration of what it is that you want to do. But mainly everything is our own preference. Once I only recently realised this, everything made sense. Just as we have choice, everyone else around us does, therefore if we have choice, why wouldn’t we choose our own destiny? As cliche as it sounds we are actually in control of our destiny, not everything will go our way but it doesn’t mean we can’t make the right decision moving forward. We make our own choices, so we make our life. So to my younger self, choice is the most powerful skill we have, optimise it. Never choose for anyone else but number one, yourself.

Current Affairs Editor: Caitlin Morgan

Don’t stress too much. I know, it’s so much easier said than done, but there are so many things in life that you’re worrying about right now that really don’t matter that much. Like, that relationship that just ended, that you think is the end of the world? It’s really not. That exam that freaked you out? It didn’t even count! Don’t stress. Enjoy being young, enjoy the ride, and take things in your stride.

Graduate Corner Editor: Chloe O'Keeffe

Never let anyone, or anything dull your sparkle. The older I get, the more I realize and understand happiness and feeling content. If something is bothering you, or bringing you down, consider how you can combat this feeling and/or fix what is bothering you. If there is nothing you are able to do, then there is no point working yourself up over it. Often, you get worked up over small issues that won't matter in a week or even in a month. Your happiness is not measured by comparing yourself to those around you. Particularly post-graduation it is very easy to look at your peers and compare, but why would you do this? The only comparison you should ever feel like making is comparing the progress you have done.

Best wishes, Bird Talk xo

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