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Written by Megan Evans

Biden’s win in the election means a great deal for America, now that Donald Trump will no longer be in power in January.

Biden has introduced a lot of new ideas onto the table, including: becoming friendlier with America’s allies, becoming a bit tougher on autocrats, and better policy on climate change. There is a need for a shift in ideals as attitudes amongst our peers are dramatically changing. A lot has changed since Biden was in the White House as Barack Obama’s Vice President, as Trump introduced so many controversial policies and his extreme ideas around climate change, his decision to try and ban Tik Tok, imposing a ‘travel ban’, and his consistent poor decision making when it comes to tackling the worldwide issue of COVID-19, by stating that the outbreak would only be ‘temporary’ and that ‘it’s going to disappear’. These sweeping statements are soon to finish, as soon as Biden takes his place in the office in January.

As someone who doesn’t engage with politics as much as they should, I was very intrigued by what this man has achieved during his attempt at becoming president of the US, which has spanned across three decades. He is going to be the oldest president into the White House, at 78 years old. His character has been deeply stemmed by years of struggle and hardship by varying degrees of personal problems and health issues. The determination that he continued to endure during his life in order to succeed in this world, is hugely inspiring. He sought for ways to help voters picture him as a ‘commander in chief’, and formulating ideas at the centre point of health care and rooting from economic experts.

He suggested that coronavirus tests should be accessible, and free. Biden has taken the forefront of the key issues that the US is facing, and bringing those values into its divisions. He issued his ‘Biden Plan for Securing Our Values as a Nation of Immigrants’, which pledges ensuring that migrants can uphold their legal right to seek asylum whilst being a member of the community.

His pitch to ensure new economic opportunities are being met for workers, and ensuring that the environment is protected due to the ongoing debates circulating around about climate change drastically impacting the ways in which we live our lives.

His approach to Coronavirus should hopefully tackle the challenges that we are still being affected by day in day out, by providing free testing for all and hiring 100,000 to set up a national contact-tracing programme. By establishing 10 centres in each state, he says that governors should have a bit more of a firmer approach to federal authority, and that is much in line with the Democrat’s general view.

This pressing task will be extremely hard, but because the crisis has taken around 220,000 lives and infected millions of innocent lives, he is taking drastic steps to make sure there is no disastrous economic fallout.

The Democratic party in which he leads, will have an increasingly influential liberal ring, that is promising so many institutional changes, to urgently impact the future. With Trump’s Republican campaign being extremely controversial and by targeting the mainstream media, by his disdain for political correctness and proposing ideas that impacted those around him, such as closing the Mexico-United States border, so immigrants cannot enter the country.

The Democrats flipping the Senate, and taking control of Congress would enact the same plans that Roosevelt had to handle during the 1930s with the economic crisis which saw the New Deal recovery and relief programmes. Biden is becoming president to the US during one of the worst hit crises of our time, not only with an impending recession, but dealing with the challenges of public health. His first orders will need to take control of the death toll and advertise the stresses made by the economic damage that has been caused globally.

The Democrats have already pushed strongly for a $2 trillion package on testing, something that the Republicans had no intentions of conducting. Biden also wants to re-enter the Paris climate agreement, after Trump pulled out in 2017, on a new agreement that he thought would be fair to the United States as a whole, and all of the businesses and workers. He would also want to re-join the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, to limit the nuclear activities in return for listing some of the worst economic sanctions.

During the future for his presidential leadership, he also wants to push for the extension of Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which allies have attempted to dismantle., to allow for improvement for people’s quality of life, for those who couldn’t get health insurance from their jobs.

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