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'Between Dreams and Reality' by Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur is back this month with another one of her projects, this month being a still life project, 'Between Dreams and Reality'.

Simran Kaur is a 19 year old Punjabi based in London. She's a surrealist still life, product and creative portrait photographer and artist. You can find more of her work and keep up to date on new work by following her Instagram account @simran_k_01. Her website can also be found by clicking here.

'Between Dream and Reality'

SK: "Were you ever asleep and then suddenly you feel like you are falling? And then you wake up panicked. I did get inspired from this experience I had, I felt like I was falling while sleeping, It felt like my body was trying to detach itself from reality to enter into a dream. That sensation of falling yet also levitating, makes you feel like you are in between dreams and reality or reality and dreams. To showcase this sensation, I created these abstract still life images as part of my project " Between Dreams and Reality " in which I captured the movement of specific subjects while I made them levitate.

Dreams and reality are deeply connected between each other. You dream about something you want and you try to work towards it in your life. Sometimes the best ideas also come from dreams and visions. Even if dreams seems ideal to live in, you must not forget to come back to reality otherwise you might lose yourself and the harmony created between dreams and reality."

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