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  • Anna Dugdale

Best ways to spend your time as lockdown lifts

By Anna Dugdale

The end of a full national lockdown is near, the end is in sight. Pubs and restaurants are being booked, outfits for the occasion ordered well in advance. You’re finally able to see your friends again and travel outside of your local area.

Personally, I cannot wait to sit outside a pub or restaurant and spend time with my friends. I can’t wait for the sun to be blazing, have a nice outfit on and sipping on my favourite cocktail. It’s definitely the thing that I’ve missed the most whilst being in lockdown.

Whilst going to the pub and restaurants is incredibly exciting, there are plenty of other ways you can spend your time that don’t involve having to book places in advance.

One of my favourite things to do, and something I will definitely be doing when lockdown is lifted, is going to the beach. There’s something about sitting on the beach and taking it all in that makes me feel so at peace with the world. You can have picnics there, drinks or even just use it as a space to relax with your friends. Take advantage of the nice weather that we’ve been experiencing lately and spend some time at the beach. It’s definitely a great way to start feeling the summer vibes and even get some cute Instagram pictures.

Another thing you might enjoy doing is taking in some of the sites around your local area. I’m personally looking forward to exploring the city I go to university in, after my first year of university was cut short and my second has been spent predominantly inside. There’s plenty of parks you can visit and little streets around. Furthermore, on these walks you can purchase drinks and food from small businesses that definitely will need and appreciate the support.

On the topics of parks, why not have a cute picnic in one? It’s a cheap and easy to do and with it quickly becoming an aesthetic trend on Tiktok, it’s definitely worth a go. You can make little cheeseboards, fruit spreads and cakes to eat and celebrate the end of lockdown and the beginning of summer. Get your cute summer clothes on that no doubt you’ve been ordering throughout lockdown and head to a cute park!

Now that summer is wholly on the way, have a barbeque! If your family have one in the garden you can have people round as you’re now allowed to have up to six people in a private garden. If not, you can get disposable ones from your local supermarket and head to a pretty location and, safely, have one. A barbeque is one of the most typical, British summer past times so why not have one!

Something that really makes me happy is watching the sunset and sunrise. I’m definitely going to go to a nice, high view-point with some of my friends and take advantage of the beautiful scenery that I’ve not been able to see while having to stay in the house. Whilst getting up early is definitely not my thing, seeing a gorgeous sunrise definitely makes it worth it. It makes me feel carefree and pushes all my stresses and worries away which is something I definitely need after the last few months in lockdown.

Obviously, there are still rules that need to be followed so we can safely leave lockdown at the end of June. However, this does not mean that you can’t see your friends safely and spend time outdoors in the nice weather.

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