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“Becoming Nature” by Megan Ogden and Jenny Marshall

Megan Ogden is a photographer based in the Midlands and educated in the South West of England but is happy to work anywhere. She met her model for the project, Jenny Marshall as she was going into her final year of university. Jenny is a 2020 dance graduate from the University of Worcester. She is determined to find a way to keep the arts and entertainment industry running throughout COVID-19. Jenny values all creative artists and explores ways to collaborate with different mediums to create innovative work. One of these ways was to collaborate with Megan to create the project “Becoming Nature”.

“Becoming Nature”

“The project is called Becoming Nature and through play, demonstrates metamorphosis.”

This image is part of a series of dance and nature photography. Shot in Worcester in the UK, the photoshoot aimed to explore human connection with nature through becoming an extension of the natural surroundings and of the earth. This photo captures the Malvern Hills in the distance which is a place often visited by Megan, especially during lockdown as a place to escape the city and take a break, with Jenny Marshall’s bodily representation of the hills using shape and gravity.

Megan’s creative practice is based on a response to an initial concept or idea. “The concept is usually a question, and one I would like to answer (or at least attempt to answer). I then explore, taking photographs. The end result being a series of photographs that are ordered into such a way as to tell a narrative. This sometimes occurs using text alongside the image or just the image alone. I hope to teach the viewers something from looking at my project, whether its knowledge they take away or are able to look at the world differently, that is a goal”

You can see more of their collaboration and the rest of the project by following them on Instagram @meganogdenphotography and @jen.creative.

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