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'At the End of the Day, Doesn't it all Come Down to Love?' and 'Warmth' by Angelina Der Arakelian

Angelina Der Arakelian is a Film and English student at the University of Southampton. Angelina has submitted two pieces of poetry along with a piece of her own artwork to compliment the poem 'Warmth'. You can find more of Angelina's on her Instagram @angelina_writes.

ADA: "I have always been fascinated with the concept of exploring a theme as diverse as love. Whether it be a feeling shared between two people or a sentiment towards the world, it’s a subject that hasn’t ceased being the muse of artists for centuries. “Warmth” is a part of my poetry collection that I published recently, entitled “When Moonlight Falls: Heartfelt Notes from a Curious Mind-Traveller,” which is available to purchase on Amazon. The book details a soul’s journey in uncovering some of humanity’s most prevalent emotions; from heartbreak and loneliness to love and enlightenment. With this collection, I hope to inspire a surge in people’s creative voices."

'At the End of the Day, Doesn't it all Come Down to Love?'

But when the deed has been done

The songs sung and the duties undone

Don’t we all come together at the sun’s break

To calculate how much love we’ve managed to articulate?

Little trees, big trees

Hidden trees, revealed trees

Nestled in the ground until

Approached by an observer to fulfill

This void we carry, one of love

Unaware of its position as love

Requiring hints of itself from corners

Expanding beyond artificial borders

And don’t we feel purposeful

When giving what we’re given?

A collaborative sensation so wonderful

All other pursuits team up to deliver

Spread seeds we are, growing

Into iterations of the same objective

Possessing lives that add up, forming

A collective feeling

Existing, surviving and dreaming

All branches of our shared questioning and struggling

Of loving — love

An invisible manifestation of our whole being.


You vibrate a certain warmth

Countless hours spent under the sun couldn’t deliver

It heals my heart

Knitting the pores that drowned me

Building a shield for it

Torn only at your presence

I don’t know if you can feel your brightness

Disguising my weaknesses

Your smile is my shelter

Protecting me from the world’s sinister

When the piles of doubt fill me

Your selflessness enlightens my consciousness

You seem to know me

The kind of recognition exceeding our bodies

A pair of eyes give birth from our conversing entities

A telescope burning time and tending to our queries.

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