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Artist Spotlight: Jennifer Lewis

To kick off this month’s theme of ‘beginnings’ we interviewed illustrator Jennifer Lewis (@__JenniferLewis) about her beautiful work and what inspires her!

Banana Pancakes; Jennifer Lewis

Can you tell me a little about yourself and your work?

JL: I am originally from Rome, Italy, and moved to the UK for university. I studied Illustration and then Printmaking in Bristol. My favourite colour is pink, I love the countryside and have a collection of old vintage (mostly broken) cameras. I have always used my work to disassemble and examine past and present moments of my life, resulting in an underlying theme of nostalgia and memories. In the last year I had started researching and making work about Home and Belonging, which due to Covid became extremely topical and I had a lot more material to unpack.

Sketchbook; Jennifer Lewis

What inspires you? Do you have any influences? JL: My inspiration comes from day to day situations and feelings; I use drawing and illustration as a way to understand moments and emotions and the way the two coexist. I think my biggest and most constant influence would be David Hockney.

Tetto Arancio; Jennifer Lewis

How does your work reflect your lived experience? JL: My work is my lived experience, and my lived experience is my work. What do you wish for viewers to take from you work? JL: I wish to make work that from an introspective and personal place is relatable and allows the viewer to attach their own experience and meaning to it, walking away with a sense of togetherness.

Churches; Jennifer Lewis

What is your process? JL: It’s hard to say what my process is because I find it to be constantly changing, which I both love and hate. The two things that have always been constant in my process are the overwhelming urge to make, and the pencil. How did you develop your style? JL: A lot of doodling, a lot of drawing, but also allowing myself to not draw and make when I feel like I’m forcing it. Sometimes I go weeks without producing any work at all; just thinking and looking for inspiration.

Trees; Jennifer Lewis

What’s next for you? JL: I’m working towards landing a creative job and make a living out of what I love.

Any advice for artists starting out on their creative journey? JL: Don’t compare yourself to other people and do more of what feels right. Also, if you come across any better advice please send it my way.

Sketchbook; Jennifer Lewis

A massive thank you to Jennifer for answering our questions, and for letting us into her world. You can see more of her work on her website.

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