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  • Lily Newman

'Art School Dropout' by Celia Ellis

Celia Ellis is a Foundation Fine Art graduate from Leeds Art University and in September 2021 will be continuing back at the University of Leeds studying English Literature. To see and buy Celia's work you can find her on her website and on her Instagram.

CE: "In November 2020 I made the decision to drop out of my degree at Leeds Arts University, due to the impracticalities of studying a practical subject remotely. Upon dropping out, I very quickly realised my need for a creative outlet in my day-to-day life. ‘art school dropout’ satisfied that need and allowed me to create a business doing something I absolutely love.

I create my designs digitally using Procreate on an iPad, they are then printed in the UK, onto vegan silk, using eco-friendly dyes.

I will be going back to university in September to study English Literature at University of Leeds and plan to continue running art school dropout alongside my studies."

These three images are how Celia takes her images being manipulating and developing into the final image that is printed on the headscarves.

These three images are the final product taken on models.

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