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‘After All’: A Poem by Yasmin Dankaro

Our first creative writing submission of the new year is from Yasmin Dankaro whose poem ‘After All’ “reflects the mental approach leaving the last year (2020) and going into the new one, it is also generally a response to trauma and hurt while attempting to carry on.”

After All

Let’s wrap ourselves In the glaze of calm Glaze our eyes With the film of distraction And keep the things That cause us concern Cause us to mourn Cause us to ache The things that stitch fear Onto the sleeve of our hearts That cause us to flinch Far flung Because it is what the rawness of memory has taught us Let’s

Shall we drape ourselves With a new skin To wrap us in illusion Replenish our naivety Shake our heads empty Of the truths that soil and sting our thought Of the weight That wore out feeling And invited numbness Because it all became too much Shall we pretend That we are alright? Shall we?


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