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Affordable and Easy Student Meals

The student with little to no cooking skills is something that you can relate to or not. Either way, I presume we can all agree that easy meals are the best. They taste good and they’re easy to make, what’s not to like? I’ve got some easy student meals ready for you that can be customized if you are vegetarian for example.

Chilli Con Carne

Starting off with a personal favourite, chilli con/sin carne. This is the ideal dish for when you have to cook for many people. Everyone is going to make their chilli a little different, but the recurring ingredients are definitely tomatoes, red beans, bell peppers and meat. You can also add carrots, and of course different spices. At home I chose to add cumin and paprika but that’s personal. You could also omit the meat for vegetarians and add other vegetables to make it how you want. Pair the chili with potatoes, rice or crackers and you’re good to go!


The second dish that is a total staple for students is a classic omelette. You might think, huh, why something so basic? My answer to that is that you can make this your own and as fancy as you want. It’s so versatile you can eat an omelette for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Tomatoes, cheese, bell peppers, bacon etc. or avocado on the side are all awesome options. Then again this depends on taste and I encourage you to try unique omelette toppings. Please do be careful your eggs are always in date.

Pesto Pasta

Thirdly, the iconic dish that every student makes, pasta pesto. I know very original but it’s a great staple. Keep that little jar of pesto and a bag of pasta on hand because there will be situations you do not want to cook. You can make pesto from scratch too, but it’s not required to eat a bomb pasta. Jazz your basic dish up with some cherry tomatoes and rucola salad and trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Greek Salad

If you enjoy salads more this is the dish for you. Greek salad is very refreshing and so easy to make you could do it blindfolded. All you need is cucumber, bell pepper, tomatoes, olives, red onion and feta cheese. That’s it. Cut up all these ingredients however you want, throw them in a bowl and you’ll only have to add dressing. This is totally up to you but at home I always do a mix of olive oil and lemon juice. Simple but very tasty.

Spring Rolls

Saved the best for last, spring rolls. This might be a little tricky for some, but I encourage everyone to give it a go. It’s very cheap too, you just need some vegetables and meat. The meat can be swapped for fish or tofu etc. Lastly, you’ll also need rice paper which can be found in your local Asian supermarket. Preparation takes some time because you have to cut all your vegetables off choice in tiny strips. Cucumber, carrot and baby onions but I’ve seen people add scrambled egg too. Add some protein by marinating chicken in soy and fish sauce. The last step will be to roll. Prepare a big bowl of hot water to soak your rice paper in and lay it flat on a towel, add all your ingredients and roll. Pair this with your favourite sauce and voila!

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