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A Guide to Sustainable Fashion Brands

Written by Courtney Davies

Over the past year, thanks to COVID, you may have found yourself doing more online shopping than usual and buying more clothes. But, with the world becoming more aware of climate change and the environment, it’s a good idea to look at some brands you wouldn’t normally go for and shop sustainable and ethical instead.

Sustainability, however, can sometime come with a price. You may find that some of these alternatives are more expensive, but knowing they are ethical and helping to reduce emissions can be worth it!

Second-hand sellers and vintage stores also provide sustainable fashion because those products aren’t contributing to new waste. These can be a great alternative to doing your bit for the planet if you don’t want to break the bank.

Depop and Vinted are good places to start to find these sellers and prices range depending on what it is you are looking for.

If you’re looking for some new favourite sustainable brands, here are five ideas of where you can start: 


Tala was founded by Grace Beverley and sells sustainable active wear. Their products are long lasting and made of ethical materials.

All their fabrics are listed on their site, some of them being: Recycled Nylon, Recycled cotton, Bamboo and Lyocell. They also provide an insight into their factories on their website which allows you to see where and how these products are made.

Tala’s sustainability follows them to their Depop page and to their clothing tags which are all plantable.


AYM is an ethical fashion brand made in England. They have a wide array of items, tops, leggings, shorts and trousers.

On their website they have an option for you to meet the makers, so you know exactly where your clothes are being made and a bit about who makes them with a mini Q&A. Their website explains how not only the brand is ethical, but also how their employability and suppliers are too!

If you find yourself buying from this brand more often there is also an opportunity to earn Loyalty Points which can add up towards your next purchase. 

Lucy & Yak 

Lucy & Yak is a brand with something for everyone! They use bright colours and patterns, make unisex items, and help sustainable fashion stand out. 

Lucy & Yak similarly have a section on their website where you can find out what their clothes are made of, who makes them, their suppliers and their brands values.

This can give you comfort in buying their clothes as you can even see pictures of the tailors at the Ismail factory. 


Pangaia provides you with all of your everyday essentials, although they are a slightly more expensive fashion brand.

Their website provides you with an impact report of 2020, where you can find information about how they are helping save the planet.

On their report, for example, you can see that their Bee the Change Fund raised over $46,000 to protect the bees, or that they planted over 400,000 mangrove trees with SeaTrees in 2020.

If you buy from them, make sure to check out the science behind your clothes at the top of their website. 

Nobody’s Child

Nobody’s Child is an independent, eco-conscious fashion brand. Their sustainable clothing provides you with loungewear, dresses, tops and accessories to fit a variety of occasions.

They are an affordable brand with traceable suppliers so you can easily find out where your clothes are from.

Some of the materials they use for their brand are Livaeco, upcycled fabric and organic cotton. There’s more information on how using these fabrics makes the items more sustainable on their website.

There is also a document that you can find on their website with an insight into their progress and what they are hoping to achieve in the next year sustainability wise.

Making the decision to shop sustainable will help the environment in future years and help better the world we live in. Although some of these products may be more expensive, their overall effects on the environment will be well worthwhile!

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