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  • Lauryn Berry

5 Fun and Simple Nail Designs!

By Lauryn Berry

When I was younger I never painted my nails. I didn’t see the point in it and it seemed like something too grown up, maybe even too superficial for me. But over the years my relationship with my nails and how they look has changed a lot.

In fact, the world’s relationship with nail art has changed over centuries: from Ancient Egypt to 2021 lockdown Britain. Nail art has been used to represent many things such as class, culture and style. Nowadays, nail art is accessible to any one, independent of gender, sexuality, culture, or financial constraints.

I have come to associate painting my nails with many different things. Sometimes I’m feeling confident and bubbly and I want to show that with some colourful fingertips. Other times I’m going through something deeply stressful and I need something to distract me. Taking the time to prep, paint and care for your nails means taking half an hour out of your otherwise busy week to do nothing other than pamper yourself.

Not only is it a wonderfully selfish activity, but it makes you slow down. No jumping up to do the laundry or wash the dishes immediately after a manicure. No answering rude emails or silly requests until the polish dries. It's the perfect moment to sit down, concentrate on something arty, and occupy your mind with positive thoughts. Put on your favourite show, listen to your weekly podcast or just sit by the window and let the world rush by.

Lockdown has had many of us yearning for a little creativity, so take your favourite nail polishes and change the game up.

Now for a disclaimer, I am by no means a nail technician or artist, and I did not create these trends myself. In fact, as many of us, I am terrible with my left hand, I paint all over my fingertips, and I almost always chip my nails within two days of doing them. And yet, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying it every time.

I’m not suggesting anything radical, in fact, I don’t have the skill for anything too elaborate, but there are things all of us can do. Here are five easy nail designs that don’t require anything but the nail polish itself.

1. Alternating colours is a fun and easy one. You probably did it when you were little, and although it's subtle it does make a difference. Combine your favourite colours, no matter how crazy the combination seems.

2. Paint yourself a rainbow with a pot of gold at the pinky. By far one of my favourite designs, these will keep a smile on your face throughout summer and spring.

3. Geometrics are your friends when you’re not a skilled nail painter. Whether that’s slanted lines, polka dots, or circles, the possibilities are endless and definitely easier to do than freehand designs.

4. French tips are a classic and classy option, but they can be difficult to execute on your own hands. I self taught myself to paint the classic tips, and then relied on a couple of layers of translucent glitter polish to finish the job off.

5. Flowers might be a little ambitious but they’re worth a try. Most blobs can be transformed into daisies right?

If you’re still stuck for ideas or want to try something more elaborate, find nail inspiration on TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest.

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