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2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Writer: Lauryn Berry

We’ve all been there: it’s December, you’re ten feet deep in deadlines and you’re going back home for Christmas in a couple of weeks. You’ve blasted through most of your money and possibly eaten away at your overdraft too. But … you still want to make your family happy. 

This year, we have the added stress of a worldwide pandemic, with families wondering if they will even be able to spend the holidays together. For Christmas 2020, people will be happier than ever to see each other and to celebrate the holidays in the comfort of their own homes – homes which are now much more than just a house. Seeing your parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, step-family and in-laws might be all the joy you need; but it is always nice to remind others how you feel with a gift.

We asked students around the UK about their gift buying tendencies, and we found out that 95% of interviewees usually buy their family and friends Christmas gifts. Moreover, 53% said they typically buy presents online, so we prepared an online (but not exclusively) friendly gift guide for you.

If you’re a student in need of some help, or even a parent wondering what to get your kids, this is right for you!

Sustainable / DIY gifts:

Mossy Earth provides people with the opportunity to make a positive mark on the planet, fighting carbon emissions by planting trees from the comfort of your own home. You can offer someone one month’s worth membership as a gift for just £10.

Make a scented candle out of old candles – scrape the remaining candle wax out of old candles, melt them in a double boiler and pour the remaining mix into an old, clean jar with new candle wicks. Voilà!

Make a scrunchie out of scraps of fabric – You can make your friends or family cute and useful scrunchies using old fabric you have lying around. All you’ll need is needle, thread, scissors and some elastic.

Best shops for budget buying:


This shop prides itself on ‘quirky, fun gifts’. Many of the items are scandi inspired, however many are also comically Liverpudlian or Mancunion.

Price range: 80p – £160, wide range of prices but most are in the lower category

Where? Multiple locations + Online

We suggest:

The Little Book of Lizzo

Box of Pamper Gift Set

Kinto Coffee Brewer 4 cups

Sostrene Grene:

Sostrene Grene offers dream gifts for all those who enjoy Scandinavian living and decor. Their layout is simple but very appealing and they sell a large range of homeware items as well as crafts supplies.

Price range: Prices as low as £1!

Where? Nottingham, Manchester, Belfast, Chester, Altrincham, Bangor, Newry

We suggest:

LED lantern

Glass vase

Flower press

Urban Outfitters:

Urban Outfitters is known for its hipster aesthetic and irresistibly beautiful items, but it offers a large range of cheap hidden gems that are often overlooked.

Look out for: ‘Gifts under £10’

Price range: £1 and up!

Where? Multiple locations + Online

We suggest:

Grow Your Own Butterflybom Seedbom

Huggable Alpaca Handwarmer

F.R.I.E.N.D.S Trivia Quiz Game


Kenji is a Japanese homeware and lifestyle shop (similar to Muji) that offers mainly small crockery, adorable stationary, and some small practical accessories.

Price range:

Where? Liverpool, Sheffield, Manchester, Warrington, Preston, Bury

We suggest:

Set of Kitty Mugs

MIYAZU backpack satin

Buju line notebook


Hema is a swedish shop along the lines of Denmark’s Flying Tiger Copenhagen. Basically, you can find everything under the sun, from party decorations, to food, to stationary.

Look out for: Gift finder

Price range: Prices as low as £1!

Where? Multiple Stores + Online

We suggest:

Pastel glass beads

Retro wireless speaker

Scented gift box – Black Night


Lush has definitely made a name for itself, and continues to expand within the sustainable and ethical cosmetics market. It is also quite well known for their (bath) bomb gift boxes – pun, very much intended.

Look out for: Christmas gifts under £15

Price range: Most products start at £2

Where? Multiple stores + online

We suggest:

Set of 2 bath bombs

Lust – Solid Perfume

Reusable Bubble bottle

Artisan / Handmade / Small Businesses


Etsy is an incredible online platform which allows small businesses to sell their original products online. It is hands down one of the best online retailers for personalised gifts. They offer everything from handmade jewelry, to artwork.

Look out for: ‘Gifts under £30’

Price range: Etsy can be quite pricey as the artists make most things by hand, however, you can find gifts as cheap as £3.

Where? Online

We suggest:

Beginners embroidery kit

Reusable cotton pads

Personalized sustainable cosmetics gift box

Redbubble :

The beauty of Redbubble is that there really is something for everyone. Whether your passion is anime or The Beatles, or Rick & Morty, talented artists around the world have your back. Essentially, anyone can sign up for a Redbubble shop and submit their artwork which then gets printed in Redbubble’s different formats. You can have any design you want on a shirt, mug, poster, sticker, water bottle. The possibilities really are endless.

Look for: ‘Gifts on a budget’

Price range: Generally between £2 and £30

Where? Online

We suggest:

Christmas corgi hardcover journal

Women’s march poster

Baby Yoda t-shirt

As a grand 92% of our interviews agreed, the most important part of getting someone a gift is the joy and utility it may bring them, and never how much you paid for it. From sustainable and DIY gifts, to affordable knick-knacks, there is something for everyone if you look hard enough, and we hope to have given you some help with this guide!

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