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Meet Our Team

The Collective Magazine is made up of a team of passionate students and graduates.

Find out more about them here!


Millie Smith

Founder & Editor in Chief

Millie is a current English Literature Undergraduate at the University of Reading. With a passion for journalism, Millie wanted to create a dedicated space for young people and students to showcase their work and talents.The Collective Magazine was founded with this vision in mind, and she hopes that others will be excited to work with her in making it come to life. As well as studying English, she is also passionate about musical theatre and has performed as a hobby from a young age. In her free time, she can be found binging Netflix or playing The Sims.

Zach is a twenty year old History and Politics student moving into his second year at the University of Liverpool. Zach has been following the growth of the magazine since its beginning and is beyond excited to get started in his new role as deputy editor. Zach's ambition is to pursue a career in either journalism or teaching and has a specific interest in current affairs and all things politics! In his spare time, he can be found planning his next travelling adventure, listening to Fleetwood Mac or down the pub with his friends!

Paige is a twenty year old English student going into her final year at Nottingham Trent University. After being introduced to the world of journalism in university, Paige has found her calling and wishes to purse a career in the field and see where in the world it takes her. As the Deputy Editor, she wants to expand her experience and knowledge alongside fellow lovers of writing and is excited to work with everyone at the Collective. During her spare time, you can find her at a football game, a concert, making some art or having a laugh with her friends. 



Zach Bishop


Paige Robson


Lauren Russell

Lauren is a 2020 history graduate from the University of Southampton with aspirations to complete the multimedia journalism course with News Associates this year (covid permitting!). Lauren says "I have admired the work of The Collective Mag on Instagram ever since it launched & now on board as the Current Affairs editor want to keep readers as up-to-date and passionate as possible with the latest stories around the world." In her spare time she can be found binging the latest Netflix series with cup of tea and a big slice of cake.


Millie Braund

Alycia McNamara

Alycia is an English student at Nottingham Trent University but she has also studied at the University of Reading. Alycia will be going into her final year in September. After uni she wants to travel and has recently been interested in pursuing a career in journalism as she loves writing! Alycia has recently written for The Tab and Platform Magazine. She loves going out for cocktails and food in her spare time.


Jessamie Rattray

Deputy Lifestyle Editor

Jessamie is a 21-year-old recent BA Philosophy graduate at Newcastle University, soon to be moving to Amsterdam to study her Master's degree in Media. Jessamie has the ambition to pursue a career in journalism and to live in as many places as she can. As Lifestyle Deputy-Editor, Jessamie is particularly interested in fashion, feminism and spirituality. During her spare time, she can be found: journaling, drinking wine, scrolling through Pinterest or planning her next adventure (often all at once).


Chloe O’Keeffe

Chloe is a 21 year old, soon to be New Media and English graduate of the beautiful University of Limerick. Over her time in college, Chloe has gained a wide range of experience in the journalism and media industry, and has been actively writing for the college newspaper, her own blog as well as a variation of other platforms. Along with writing articles, Chloe loves reading, socialising with her friends and keeping fit.

Health and Wellbeing Editor

Lily Newman

Lily is a recent photography student from Plymouth College of Arts. With a career and hobby  combined she enjoys events and products as well as focusing her personal work on photojournalist and documentary style photography. In her spare time she loves to spend time in the Devon countryside with her family and five dogs and of ourse loves a good netflix series


Alice Frost

Twitter Co-Manager

Alice is a Journalism and Communications student, currently battling through her last year at Falmouth University. Given the chances she'll chat her ears off about all things film and feminism. Her dream is to one day see her name in the by-lines  of magazines like Vogue or Elle. She's excited to bring her knowledge of social media to The Collective Magazine, and begin pursuing a career in magazines, whilst knowing the she's in good company working alongside an amazing team of talented women.


Millie is an English Literature and Theatre Studies student at Warwick University. She loves travelling, about to embark on a study abroad year in Berlin, and cannot wait to share all her adventures with our readers! She is also passionate about musical theatre, beauty and crafting in her spare time.

Lauren is a Psychology graduate from Sheffield Hallam University and an aspiring advice columnist. While studying, she gained a wealth of health and wellbeing knowledge that she wants to share with The Collective Magazine community and aims to create a positive space for readers to seek advice and relate to. If we were not in lockdown, her spare time would be spent watching West End musicals, but in the meantime, it's spent overindulging in buckets of hot chocolate and Netflix. 

Lauren Bromley-Bird


Harriet Allan

Instagram Assistant

Faye Minton

Twitter Co-Manager

Faye is a Political and International Relations student at the University of Reading. She id an aspiring journalist who can't wait to travel the world, have fun and see as much as possible. You'll probably find her curled up on the sofa, scrolling through Twitter with a cup of tea and a scented candle nearby.


Aimee Lee


Amiee is a 2020 Illustration Graduate, who loves getting creative at any given chance. She’s a big nature and animal lover, and enjoys spending her free time having fun with her friends



Amelia Field


Amelia is a journalism, media and culture undergraduate studying at Cardiff. She enjoys illustrations, A Capella and watching films. She has been spending lockdown running her Etsy shop and spending time with her family in Sussex.

Harriet is 21 and a soon to be graduate of BA Digital Media and Society at the University of Sheffield who loves creating content for social media. She is passionate about music, film and all other forms of media! Growing up in the UK and the US, she loves keeping up with things both sides of the pond and going home to Texas whenever she can to visit her family and her dog, Winston.

During her spare time she can be found re-watching Jane the Virgin (for the millionth time) or scouting out new coffee shops to visit!



Lowri Humphreys- Jones

Web & Design Team

Lowri has recently graduated from NTU with a BA (Hons) in Theatre Design in July 2020. She has a passion for the performing arts – ranging from Theatre, TV and live music. Her main interest is digital drawings such as AutoCAD and Photoshop. In her spare time Lowri enjoys walks on her local beaches with her friends and family.


Abigail McKeown

Web & Design Team

As part of The Collective Magazine’s Web & Design team, Abi is a second-year student at Northumbria University, currently studying Cyber Security and Networks. She has a big interest in web design and development, and hopes to enter this industry after graduation. She’s so excited to be working with The Collective Magazine to connect with new people, work on innovative projects and build her portfolio.


Isabelle Swan

Web & Design Team

Isabelle Swan is a recent graduate from Kingston University where she studied Graphic Design. She loves learning and teaching herself new things in order to get the best outcome. Her uni experience was a bit different to most, in the sense she moved out for a year and then moved back home to commute to uni. Now having finished uni, Isabelle is missing the workload and is looking forward to pushing her career in the design industry.

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