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Here in the Features section you'll find a variety of content. This is where we host our editorial articles, written by Millie (Founder & Editor In Chief), and Zach and Paige (Deputy Editors). You'll also find features articles and interviews in this section.


Millie Smith

Founder & Editor in Chief

Millie is a current English Literature Undergraduate at the University of Reading. With a passion for journalism, Millie wanted to create a dedicated space for young people and students to showcase their work and talents. The Collective Magazine was founded with this vision in mind, and she hopes that others will be excited to work with her in making it come to life. As well as studying English, she is also passionate about musical theatre and has performed as a hobby from a young age. In her free time, she can be found binging Netflix or playing The Sims.


Zack Bishop

Deputy Editor

Zach is a twenty year old History and Politics student moving into his second year at the University of Liverpool. Zach has been following the growth of the magazine since its beginning and is beyond excited to get started in his new role as deputy editor. Zach's ambition is to pursue a career in either journalism or teaching and has a specific interest in current affairs and all things politics! In his spare time, he can be found planning his next travelling adventure, listening to Fleetwood Mac or down the pub with his friends!


Paige Robson

Deputy Editor

Paige is a twenty year old English student going into her final year at Nottingham Trent University. After being introduced to the world of journalism in university, Paige has found her calling and wishes to purse a career in the field and see where in the world it takes her. As the Deputy Editor, she wants to expand her experience and knowledge alongside fellow lovers of writing and is excited to work with everyone at the Collective. During her spare time, you can find her at a football game, a concert, making some art or having a laugh with her friends. 

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